Mama Elephant Designer Series: Favor Bag Accessory

Mama Elephant Designer Series: Favor Bag Accessory @akossakovskaya @mamaelephant #cardmaking #mamaelephant

Hello! Today on Mama Elephant‘s blog I am with my personal Designer Series project — the sweetest notepads I made using new Favor Bag Accessory creative cuts — Cat and Bear. This project is easy to repeat and if you like cute stationary — you will like these too!

Mama Elephant Designer Series: Favor Bag Accessory @akossakovskaya @mamaelephant #cardmaking #mamaelephant

You really don’t need too many supplies to repeat these little things. All you need is few pieces of the colored heavy card stock for the cover with the critters faces, few sheets of the ordinary office paper and the thick glue with the clips.

I started with the making the covers for my notepads. I cut the silhouettes of the cat and the bear, added the details as I wanted — here are really hundreds of the variations what you can do! I added the red hat to the bear and the gold fish ti the kitty (I used a piece of the glittered card stock).

Next step can take a long time but I have a tip for you how to make it faster. Here you need the office paper and the dies with the critters silhouettes — the same you used for the covers. I used A4 sheets and could cut 8 pieces from every sheet. If you use Letter paper — you can get another amount from every sheet.

I folded each sheet horizontally and vertically, obtaining at once 4 layers approximately 10-15 cm in size. Every such folded piece of paper fits a critter silhouette two times. So — 4 layers cut off two times = 8 pieces. Make as many such office paper layers as you want (or can).

Mama Elephant Designer Series: Favor Bag Accessory @akossakovskaya @mamaelephant #cardmaking #mamaelephant

Then make all the layers in a flat pile and do not forget to add the cover. Fix the layers with large paper clips. I also used pieces of the chipboard between my future notepads and clips — this more evenly distributes the pressure and leaves no traces of the clips on the paper. Now apply a little of the thick glue and evenly spread over the joint.

Let the glue dry and remove the clips. The notepads are ready!!

Mama Elephant Designer Series: Favor Bag Accessory @akossakovskaya @mamaelephant #cardmaking #mamaelephant

And I have a little one-minute video how to made these notepads. Enjoy!

Have a good day!



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Comments (4)

  • Аватар
    Nora 2 года ago Reply

    These are SO CUTE!! LOVE!!

  • Хельга
    Хельга 2 года ago Reply

    Круть! Так просто! ну, ты описываешь так))) Надо тоже такое сообразить)) Уверена, Алиса уже их уже отнесла в уголок фаворитов твоего скрапа))

  • Аватар
    Beatriz 2 года ago Reply

    These are wonderful! I’ve already ordered those dies and I’m sure I’m going to make these notepads!!

  • Аватар
    Svitlana Shayevich 2 года ago Reply

    Потрясающая идея и так относительно просто в исполнении!! Браво!

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