Pinkfresh Studio A Case of the Blahs Blog Hop

Pinkfresh Studio A Case of the Blahs Blog Hop @akossakovskaya @pinkfreshstudio #pinkfreshstudio #scrpabook #scrapbooking #layout

Hello friends! Welcome to Pinkfresh Studio A Case of the Blahs Blog Hop! Join us this week to win amazing prizes! Comments will close at 11.59pm CST on Thursday February 8th 2018, and the winner will be announced on Saturday February 10th 2018! The winners will be randomly selected and the requirement is that they have to leave a comment on each Blog in the Hop.

The brand new collection A Case of the Blahs really impressed me. The life doesn’t have only wow’s, sometimes all of us have some blah’s. And this is not bad to document such moments. Because they are the part of us too.

I like the colors and phrases from this collection, they will touch you. But starting the work with it I realized that I almost have no what to document! I used to make only happy pictures and I want my kids remember their childhood as the happy time. But then I found this photo, when I wanted to make the funny picture of my newborn girl wearing her gnome hat. But she was disappointing, because she hates hats! So I had no the gnome picture, I had the picture of Kira’s sad face.

Pinkfresh Studio A Case of the Blahs Blog Hop @akossakovskaya @pinkfreshstudio #pinkfreshstudio #scrpabook #scrapbooking #layout

For my layout’s background I picked the white sheet with the black small paint spots. I crop it to the size 8.5×11 inches. And all other details I die cut with the dies of 6×6 paper pad. I made some speech  bubbles, leaves and the banner. Also I made the title ‘No hats please’ using the stickers and added some accents with the different embellishments.

Have a great day!

Pinkfresh Studio A Case of the Blahs Blog Hop @akossakovskaya @pinkfreshstudio #pinkfreshstudio #scrpabook #scrapbooking #layout

Blog Hop List:

1. Pinkfresh Studio

2. Veera Saarivuo

3. Stephanie Dagan

4. Kathleen Graumuller

5. Flora Monika Farkas

6. Evelyn Pratiwi Yusuf

7. Elsie Robinson

8. Beata Valint

9. Ashley Horton

10. Anna Kossakovskaya — you are here

11. Amanda-Jayne Baldwin — your next stop!

12. Adrienne Alvis


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Comments (28)

  • Аватар
    Michelle DiGiovanni 1 год ago Reply

    So pretty!

  • Аватар
    amy 1 год ago Reply

    so fun, love the No Hats :)

  • Аватар
    Michaele Figueroa 1 год ago Reply

    Aww! What a cute layout!

  • Аватар
    Nicole Martel 1 год ago Reply

    Cute layout

  • Аватар
    Marion B 1 год ago Reply

    Ce bébé Est tellement mignon et cette page Est à craquer,je tente ma chance avec plaisir

  • Аватар
    Steffanie Rowland 1 год ago Reply

    To cute!

  • Аватар
    maria f. 1 год ago Reply

    Saw your tease on IG and had to come see what the no hats was all about. Precious! Probably won’t be the last time she tells you «no»!

  • Аватар
    F. Andre 1 год ago Reply

    This background is so lovely, as is the soft colour palette. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Аватар
    Becca Yahrling 1 год ago Reply

    So very adorable! Love this layout.

  • Аватар
    Heather Doolittle 1 год ago Reply

    That black and white splattered paper is perfect! The bright colored embellishments pop so well against that pattern!

  • Аватар
    Kirsty Vittetoe 1 год ago Reply

    Awesome work with your new goodies!

  • Аватар
    Denise Bryant 1 год ago Reply

    Darling photo and title! Love all the pretty details you added!

  • Аватар
    Marjorie DUMONTIER 1 год ago Reply

    That’s a cute, lovely layout !

  • Аватар
    Claudia Fuentes Osorio 1 год ago Reply

    es un hermoso y delicado layout es muy tierno !

  • Аватар
    Sue D 1 год ago Reply

    Love this photo and the title.

  • Аватар
    Janet Ingraham 1 год ago Reply

    I’m with you baby sister!

  • Аватар
    Kelly Santi 1 год ago Reply

    How charming! Super cute layout to have no hats — precious baby! I’m so inspired to finish scrapbooking now :) Lovely from top to bottom — thanks for sharing!

  • Аватар
    Yasmine 1 год ago Reply

    So cute layout! I love the embellishment so much.

  • Аватар
    Arianna Barbara 1 год ago Reply

    Wow! What beautiful layout!!! Love the colors and all the details!!!

  • Аватар
    Mary Holshouser 1 год ago Reply

    What a wonderful picture
    Great memories for when she is
    grown. Lovely page.
    thanks for sharing

  • Аватар
    Susie Moore 1 год ago Reply

    The colors and the layout are so beautiful!

  • Аватар
    CareyB 1 год ago Reply

    Great layout!

  • Аватар
    Timi 1 год ago Reply

    Sweet story and wonderful layout!

  • Аватар
    Lisascreativeniche 1 год ago Reply

    This is so pretty and sweet!

  • Аватар
    RachelVass 1 год ago Reply

    Such a sweet pretty layout.

  • Аватар
    Carol McGregor 1 год ago Reply

    Beautiful baby and layout. Thanks

  • Аватар
    Karthikha Uday 1 год ago Reply

    Such a cute and fun creation! :)

  • Аватар
    jengd 1 год ago Reply

    Cute use of the elements and adorable photo!

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