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Felt Purse

Hello! Another extra project for today — small felt purse I made for my baby girl. (I promised to created one foe her since I made my first felt phone case). I was inspired by new challenges Papertrey Ink have on their blog. And the first one was the challenge from Lizzie. I decided to use felt and some stitching dies. Well, ‘some’ sounds like a lie… I have many of them LOL. Here I used Coin Purse Die and Stitched Bicycle Die and some colors of PTI’s felt — you can see them on the picture. I cut off all the details I needed, only for the purse I made one detail and fold it. Otherwise it would be more like a bag, not a purse. Also I cut the hills with the greass die. Next step — I sewed all small details to the future purse and added the zip. And at

New blog design + Layout of the week SC @akossakovskaya #studiocalico #scrpabook #scrapbooking #layout

New blog design + Layout of the week SC

Another awesome news, friends! Few days ago I finally changed the theme of my blog. The previous one worked almost two years for me and now it’s a time for changes. I wanted more light and free space on my blog, more functionality. For several years I have tried to avoid the use of the sidebar and now this part of the design is back again. So you can see my face (LOL) and find all my social medias quickly.

Advent Calendar 2016

Hello, friends! Today I want to share with you our advent calendar I made for this year. I used winter collection by April Paper for creating and it adds so magical mood to the scene!) I started with creating the basic box — I used 2 mm chipboard, the size of the box is 8x8x25 cm. I covered it with the pattern paper and added two snow hills of the white heavy cardstock. For creating the scene I stamped colored and fussy cut critters and trees, the cutest tiny houses are fussy cut from the paper sheet. Magic winter scene is ready! And you can see the milk box with the foxy on the top of the advent — read about it at the end of the post. Привет! Неделя выдалась богатой на новогодние посты, но уже не терпится показать вам все поскорее. И сегодня на повестке дня — мой адвент этого

New Year Gifts for Teachers

Hello! Today my blog is full of mint color! And I want to share with you three ornaments I created for Alice’s kindergarten teachers. They are good people and spend near 10 hours per day with our kids, so I wanted to make something special for them. And as in the last year I decided to make ornaments. They are fast to create and very cheap but look at the million! I don’t want to give them! LOL! I used clear plastic balls ordered on Aliexpress (the cost was near $0.8 per ball) — they can be opened and filled with something. I colored one half of each ball with the cheapest acrylic paint. I colored from the inner side, so the color is solid and perfect from the inside. I made three layers and used the sponge for the coloring, so it has the interesting texture. Then, while the

April Paper GD Projects

Hello! Today I want to share some projects I made with the new winter collection created by my good friend specially for Russian brand April Paper. Here you can find the layout, the card and some pictured of my advent calendar for this year. I am sorry — the post will be in Russian, but I promise to tell you more about my advent later! Добрый день! Очень рада сегодня показать вам свои работы из коллекции Снежная Нежная от April Paper. Она была создана Алиной Багровой, я уже раньше рассказывала вам много своих восторгов.))) Это была самая долгожданная коллекция сезона — стильная, в модных цветах и с очень милыми зверями! Начну со странички — это была проба пера, когда коллекция уже есть в дрожащих руках и хочется поскорее отрезать хоть кусочек!! Я выбрала фотографию про снегопад и сказочную карету Золушки, и чтобы поддержать тему падающего снега для фона выбрала лист «Уютная зима». Под фотографию

Holiday Gift Wrapping

Hello! Today I want to share with you some quick ideas for holiday gift wrapping. I used deer dies to cut the decorations, also I added tag, doily and the wreath. Also you can see that I used the different twines for tying: ordinary red cord — but I tied it chaotically many times around the box. For another box I sewed a garland of tiny circles and wrapped it some times around the box. The paper I printed on office paper and wrapped my gifts.  It’s easy way to get the paper, especially for the small boxes. Всем привет! Сегодня в блоге магазина Чайка выходит моя небольшая статья про то, как можно оригинально украсить новогодние подарки. Я уже много раз говорила, что эта тема меня просто будоражит последнее время. Здесь я покажу только пару фотографий, а за подробностями обращайтесь в блог Чайки, чтобы мне не повторяться ;) Всем отличного