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CASometry Challenge 3. Randomizer @akossakovskaya #cardmaking #altenew #krumspringstamp #papertreyink

CASometry Challenge 3. Randomizer. Stage 2

Hello, dear friends! Today we start the second stage of CASometry challenge. And I hope you enjoyed the previous one. How do you fill working with random stamps? It wasn’t hard for me hahaha)) And for today’s card I had a chance to play again with another stamp I love so much and to realize another idea I had for a long time.

CASometry Challenge 3. Randomizer @akossakovskaya #cardmaking #altenew #krumspringstamp #papertreyink

CASometry Challenge 3. Randomizer. Stage 1

Hello, dear friends! I am so excited to start another CASometry challenge on my blog! It’s already the third season! I can’t believe time flies fast like this)) And I picked another super-interesting theme to you this time. My challenge was started to help crafting girls to play more with their supplies. I think you can understand me — we buy many stamps and dies and other supplies, but often we don’t work with them all. Or pay too little attention to them.  So let’s change it.

CASometry Challenge 2. Make five: Meet the WINNERS

Good morning (day/evening/night), dear friends! Now our cardmaking journey is over. It was great 2.5 months of your awesome projects! And now I want to introduce you our two winners (actually — every of you who finished this challenge is winner!!). And of course I will start with the main winner, who’ll get the prize I announced on the first post. Just want to warn you, that it was veeeery hard to pick only one winner! All your cards were such beutiful and interesting! And the picking only one of you was a complex combination of random choices and my own oppinion. And at the end Ihad only one name… and it’s Jessica! Just loooook! Her cards just killed me from the very first stage!! Congrats, Jess!! Всем доброго времени суток! Вот и пришло время подвести итоги моего челленджа. К сожалению, наше открыточное приключение официально завершено, и это были потрясающие два с половиной

CASometry Challenge 2. Make five: Vote

Hello! Well.. the CASometry 2. Make Five challenge is over. I’m so sad to write these words — how can I live now without your cards?? But I laready have an amazing idea for the third season of my challenge, now only need to choose the start date, what do you think about it? And now I need one week to choose the winner. I didn’t decided yet — will it be randomly picked winner or I’ll choose it by myself, so I need some days till the next Saturday. And also I want to give another prize for the second winner (surprise!) — and it’ll be selected by popular vote! What should you do? Visit this Pinterest board with my favorites all over the challenge. To vote for your favorites from this board you can pin or/and like the cards. If you want to give two your points to one card

CASometry Challenge 2. Make five: Secret Final

Hello, friends! Thank you so much for your support! So here we are! This is the last stage of ma second season of CASometry challenge, yay! Soon the stamp sets you chose will say ‘pheeeeww’)) But they still need you for the final challenge. And here is main rules specially for this stage: 1. For the Secret Final stage you still should use the same stamp set you used earlier for the previous four stages, and your card still should be CAS card. 2. The additional task is — CASEing. And you can CASE any card from this Pinterest board. My cards are pinned too — so you can CASE them as well. You can CASE your own cards, if they are on this board. 3. On your final post please post your card for this stage, + the card you were inspired by + direct link to this card

CASometry Challenge 2. Make five: Stage 4

Hello, dear friends! So happy you are still with me and my cardmaking challenge CASometry Challenge 2. Make five. I’m so glad you liked my idea and decided to join me with this jpurney — to take all from your stamps! Just a reminder about main rules — you can find them here. In two words — you should choose the one stamp set and to make five CAS cards (any themed) with it. And a reminder about our pinterest board where I pinned some cards from the InLinkz. And here is my fourth (!!) card with Pix’s Favorites set by Mama Elephant. The challenge is almost over! Next time we will have Special Secret Final Stage and I’ll tell more about rules and the task for the last stage next time. This card is my favorite — it’s so soft and gentle, this bunny is so touching! I stamped the bunny with the stump under it on the oval piece